Friday, May 4, 2012

December 2011

Now that I have more time I am really hoping to keep up with our blog better. My new resolution is to blog once a month. I hope grandparents and other friends and family will enjoy our pictures but I also think it will be a great way to keep a family journal of some of our happenings.

So lets start with December!

Our December started out with a little case of Roseola. Ellie started feeling warm in the morning and as we have struggled with her fevers in the past we took her straight home from church and got her some medicine. She had 3 febrile seizures that day. One as soon as I got home from church (so glad we weren't still at church!), one after visiting the doctor and having them tell us she had a high fever (really?) but there was no sign of ear infection, pneumonia, etc and to just keep an eye on her, and then one later that night. It was frustrating because in the past we at least knew what she had that was causing her high fevers. A few days later she started feeling better and she and I went to stay at Aunt Becky's house while Dan was out of town.

After waking up from her nap one day Ellie was covered in a rash from head to foot! I thought at first it was her food allergies again but I couldn't think of anything she could have eaten that would cause that rash. She acted like nothing was wrong... it didn't bother her at all. After some research and a call to her doctor we confirmed she had Roseola. High fever spikes and then after they are over a nice body rash. I didn't get any good pictures of her full rash but this picture below shows her the morning it started going away. You can still see a little face puffiness.

The rest of our December went a lot smoother after Ellie got feeling better. We were of course packing like crazy to get ready for our move out to Missouri but we did stop to have our own little Christmas at home before we spent the last two weeks of December in Salt Lake.

It was pretty sad knowing this was our last Christmas and last big family event in our little home. We have loved our Boise house and it served us well for the past 4 years.

Like I said the last two weeks were spent in Salt Lake City with family.... because if you think leaving our little house was hard...

We had a nice nativity scene on Christmas Eve and you can see that our little lamb wasn't too keen on staying put. She did pretty good for the most part.

And then the cousins got in their matching jammies and went off to wait for Santa. I took several pictures of these girls in their jammies but this was the best one I got... Neither of the big girls looking at the camera and Ellie giving Emmy the staredown of her life. You can imagine what my other pictures looked like :) At least in this one no one is crying.

We had a wonderful Christmas and it was so nice to spend time with family before our big move. Dan left for Missouri two days after Christmas and Ellie and I followed about a month later. More on our move in the posts to come!

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