Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving and Our Big News

Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas will be here by the end of the week! Time is just flying by but I wanted to post about our Thanksgiving and the big decision we have made. It is always nice to have this season to remember all that you are thankful for and this Thanksgiving we were most thankful for our extended family and for the opportunity we have had to live so close to them.

There are big changes coming to our little family... Dan has accepted a new job out in Hannibal, Missouri with General Mills. His start date is January 3rd so he will be heading out on the 27th and Ellie and I will follow close behind. We are so grateful for this great opportunity and it feels like this will be a great move for our family - but with all the exciting aspects of this decision there are also a lot of sacrifices that will be made.

We are so sad to be leaving Boise. It has been such a wonderful place to live and we have been really blessed here. We will miss our fabulous neighbors and friends, I will miss my job and the great people I work with, and we will miss our ward family. Most of all we will miss my dear sister and her family. We have LOVED living by Becky and it has been so great for Ellie to be able to play with her cousins. She looks up to them and watches every move they make and wants to be just like them. Sarah is our number one babysitter and always watches over her so carefully. Savannah is Ellie's very favorite person in the world and her favorite place to be is right on Savvy's hip. Andrew is her special play buddy and everytime our doorbell rings she runs to it yelling Andwew! Andwew! Emmy is her protector and makes sure she doesn't get hurt when they play. When Ellie gets hurt and is crying she always calls for Emmy. We will miss our cousins so so much!!

And of course I am going to miss my best friend Becky. She is my partner for so many activities. We make our raspberry jam, applesauce, and salsa together. We go shopping at least once a week together. We babysit eachother's kids weekly. We go swimming, we plan parties, we have weekly Sunday dinners, we go to lunch at Costa Vida, we pick out all our spring flowers together, we have been known to do some Jillian workouts or go running together, we lose every week at rook to our husbands, and she continually teaches me how to be a better cook, a better friend, and a more patient mother. I honestly don't know how it is going to work without having her so close.

Knowing that we will soon be going out on our own it was really nice to be able to spend some time with all of the Hunzekers for Thanksgiving. We are also really going to miss having Grandma and Grandpa so close because they are such wonderful grandparents/parents and Ellie just adores them.

This Thanksgiving was in Twin Falls and we were able to get the entire Hunzeker family together. We also were lucky enough to get Grandma and Grandpa Call and Aunt Renee to join our party.

This Thanksgving Ellie and Natalie decided they really liked it when Grandpa dragged them around on a blanket. Grandpa was a good sport and dragged them around all day.

Ellie also got to go swimming with her Grandpa... one of her very favorite activities.
We made about 14 pies and two cheescakes. I learned a lot about how to make a good pie crust and all of our desserts turned out really yummy. This was one of our apple pies.
Grandma and Grandpa helped the kids make their own gingerbread houses.

Since we finally had everyone all together we took the opportunity to take a family picture. So here is the Hunzeker family November 2011.

It was so great to see all of our family and we are really looking forward to Christmas where we will get to see our Risenmay and Mensel side of the family! With all the changes that are about to come we are reminded daily that we are so blessed to have the best family and no matter where we go we know we will always be able to feel their love and support.

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  1. Wow. Way to make me cry! I love you guys so much, and we are all going to miss you! However, I still plan on having many more adventures, and expect to see me a lot on the ipad!