Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday and Happy Easter!

 It has been a year since our last update but with such a big week and lots of requests for pictures I am going to just put these up and hope to catch up with past pictures at some other time.
We have the best 3 year old ever and she had a week full of celebration.
Tuesday was this little girl's birthday and she was smiling from ear to ear almost all day. 

She was trying to get into the presents all day as we waited for Daddy to get home from work. She was crafty and got into the butterfly wings before he made it home. 

A big smile for her new baby! She is excited to have a little baby to feed and take care of. 

All the new baby gear. She carries around her diaper bag all day and tells me that I need to take care of her stinky baby. I guess our next step is getting her to change the diapers herself :)

On Friday we had our big Mickey Mouse birthday party. This is the calm right before the storm

Our little Minnie Mouse. She wore the ears for about 2 minutes.

Decorating Mickey Mouse cookies with our friends.

Ellie and Daddy's creation.

A shot of her good friend Meg

Her other good buddies Alex and Savannah

The Mickey Mouse Pinata and her 3rd Birthday Cake
Blowing out the candles

On Saturday we headed off to the community Easter Egg Hunt 
and Ellie came away with a huge pile of candy

We met up with her best buddy Alex

And they walked away holding hands

We did a little face painting and you can see what her opinion of that was.
 She kept telling me to wash her face off

Alex and Ellie during the bunny hop where they came away the big winners

A not so flattering shot of me with future baby girl. 

Loving up the bunnies while we wait in line to ride the ponies

Riding the pony like a pro

She loved the pony and wanted to ride it again and again

Easter morning we found a present from the Easter Bunny! 
(And Grandma and Aunt Becky... thanks!)

Showing it off

Our beautiful Easter girl

We have had a great week and are so blessed to have this little girl in our lives!


  1. Wow I love that girl! What a fun week and what a great mom! That cake is awesome--and obviously a ton of work. Miss you guys like crazy!

  2. I didn't realize you are pregnant, that is so exciting! Congratulations!!! You look great! Elisabeth is so big and cute - time sure flies. Your new home looks beautiful! Miss you guys!