Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today I have been missing my newborn baby. It probably started because I was looking at so many pictures of our new niece Kaitlyn Jane... who is adorable. How did our baby become a toddler so fast?? This phase is fun because it is really exciting to see how much she is learning. It is funny how proud I am whenever she learns a new word or puts a block through the right shaped hole. But this phase also has its challenges which recently has started to include fits of temper, pulling down furniture, and always always always trying to get on top of the kitchen table. I am ready to glue my kitchen chairs to the floor or just get rid of them all together.

So today while my little troublemaker is taking her nap I feel like looking through some videos we made when she was only a few months old. I miss that little baby! Hopefully we will be blessed with another baby soon... but for now I will just have to depend on old videos to get my baby fix!

And yes... she still loves to dance!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

June - September 2011

I am behind on my blog again so I figure that the easiest way to catch up will be with some highlights from each month. So here goes!


Baby girl has just been growing and growing. She loves to dress up and goes from wearing Grandpa Risenmay's hat to trying on mommy's shoes. She loves to brush her hair and look in the mirror. While she is brushing she will things like "cuuute" or "pretty". We are loving the high self-esteem.

Elisabeth is a busy busy girl and it can sometimes get her into trouble. If mom turns her back for a minute she can tear the kitchen apart in no time.

But seriously... who can resist this face:

For the 4th of July we introduced Elisabeth to the famous East Millcreek Parade.
We had a great holiday at Grandma Jane's and loved seeing all the cousins!

Isn't Uncle Dan great with all the kiddos???
During the end of July and beginning of August we had a few family reunions. We saw the Risenmay family for a week and then went straight to the Fagergren family reunion at Reid Ranch.This is a shot from the Risenmay reunion:


In August Dan and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary! Dan surprised me with a little trip.... to France! Oui oui!
It was amazing and we took over 500 pictures. Mainly we took that many pictures because there were so many amazing sights.... but the fact that it was the only activity that didn't cost an arm and a leg probably played into our over-exuberance as well.
We had so much fun visiting the Louvre, Versailles, Rouen, Notre Dame.... a lot of places. It may sound cliche but my favorite was the day we spent at the Eiffel Tower. It was the most beautiful day and we had so much fun. I would love to go back again... soon!

We also had a great garden this year thanks to a huge water bill :) We enjoyed fresh spinach, green beans, beets, onions, strawberries, raspberries, corn, canteloupe, watermelon, peas, a few tomatoes, and brocolli. Plus we have about 12 good size pumpkins ready to go for October.
Dan and Elisabeth spent Saturdays together harvesting the crops and then I spent the rest of the week figuring out what to do with all the produce... lets just say that I am getting pretty good with a pressure cooker!
Our peach tree did awesome this year. It is so fun to can peaches from your own tree!

It was family picture time! Our cute neighbor took some pictures of us down by the Boise River. I will put up a few of our photos here because we had some grandparents requesting to see the latest and greatest.

Ok done for now!