Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today I have been missing my newborn baby. It probably started because I was looking at so many pictures of our new niece Kaitlyn Jane... who is adorable. How did our baby become a toddler so fast?? This phase is fun because it is really exciting to see how much she is learning. It is funny how proud I am whenever she learns a new word or puts a block through the right shaped hole. But this phase also has its challenges which recently has started to include fits of temper, pulling down furniture, and always always always trying to get on top of the kitchen table. I am ready to glue my kitchen chairs to the floor or just get rid of them all together.

So today while my little troublemaker is taking her nap I feel like looking through some videos we made when she was only a few months old. I miss that little baby! Hopefully we will be blessed with another baby soon... but for now I will just have to depend on old videos to get my baby fix!

And yes... she still loves to dance!


  1. LOVE the video! Such a cutie! Is that Grandpa Hunzeker holding her? We are loving his outfit! ha ha. Love that baby girl of yours.

  2. yup thats Grandpa... we love her too! I want some videos of Kaitlyn!