Thursday, June 17, 2010

Peter, Ellie... and now Seth!

All the new cousins together!

This last weekend we were lucky enough to go down to Salt Lake for little Seth's blessing. Our family has been blessed with lots of babies recently... all within 10 weeks! Here is Peter at 13 weeks, Ellie at 11 weeks, and Seth at 3 weeks. It is so great to have cousins!

I haven't blogged for a while because I haven't had many new pictures due to a camera mishap. We enjoyed a great trip exploring the Oregon coast with Jon, Ysi & Peter and Becky, Chad & kids. It was a LOT of driving but it was so beautiful. Too bad our camera wasn't functioning!

Other than that we have been keeping busy in the garden and taking care of our baby girl. Here are some more pictures from our weekend in Salt Lake...

Ellie & Daddy off to the blessing

Lots of time in the carseat

But then she got to watch some TV with Daddy

We got all of the cousins together for a shot... too bad they are all looking in different directions... none of which were directed at my camera. Peter fell asleep waiting for us to take the pictures, Seth was making funny faces, and Ellie looks like she is going to slide right off the couch! Andrew was a bit upset because he was the only one who didn't get a baby. Guess our family needs another baby!

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  1. Sounds like you're keeping busy! Guess it's time for you to get pregnant again so that Andrew can hold a baby! :)