Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spring 2012

To celebrate Ellie's second birthday this Spring we went out to visit family. Our first stop was in California to see some of the Hunzeker side of the family. We stayed with Aunt Audrey and Uncle Juan and had a great time.

The birthday girl

They have the best bouncy castle ever and the girls had a blast wearing out Grandpa

Grandpa would throw them over the top then let them bounce it out

One happy little girl
Ellie opening her first round of presents. She loves loves loves her Elmo sweatshirt. She still asks to wear it whenever she sees it even if it is 105 outside... like it was today

We also celebrated my birthday a bit. This was my special birthday treat. Thanks Grandma LuAnn!

We got to see new baby Leah for the first time and we just fell in love with her. I love this picture of Ellie loving her up. She is the sweetest baby ever and I loved having the chance to snuggle with her

Grandpa Don with all his granddaughters. We just needed Zander there to have all the grandkids present

After California we went off to Utah to see more grandparents and cousins. We had a great family reunion at the Midway Cabin where the cousins had so much together time that they all came home with RSV :) But before the virus outbreak we packed in a lot of fun. On Ellie's birthday we went to the zoo with the cousins.
They were pressed to the glass at the monkey house.

Ellie has been missing her Uncle Chad time so she was pretty much his attachment as we walked around the zoo

Cutest baby Kaitlyn ever! Her mommy worries about her eating habits but she looks pretty well fed to me!

And Ellie's favorite. The giraffes... she calls them gigis.

For her birthday we had an Elmo themed party.

So happy we could celebrate with our cousins

Happy Birthday Elisabeth!

Living it up at the cabin and sporting Daddy's socks

Aunt Becky organized a great easter egg hunt. This was the first time Ellie was really into the hunting and it was so much fun to see her snatch up those eggs

This is back in Hannibal at another Easter egg hunt. I would have posted more picturesof the great time we had and all of Ellie's new friends.... but our camera died and this is the only picture we had of that day.

In April we had a fun visit from Grandma LuAnn and Grandpa Don and Great Grandma and Grandpa Call. We also had our good friend Patricia Glenn here. It was so much fun to have a full house. We took them out to Nauvoo while they were here to see the sights.

Grandpa kept Ellie happy and busy all day

Good Friends

Their flowers were beautiful

And to finish off the digital representation of our Spring I added a picture of Ellie and her new wade pool. I had to put this picture up because our grass was acutally GREEN! I will be posting pictures of summer soon.... and it is sad how our grass has just completely died because we have hardly had any water this summer and apparently they don't believe in sprinkler systems here in Missouri.

Anyway we were blessed to see a lot of family this Spring and we look forward to more visits later this Summer!!